Daily Mail rewards new estate agency service

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Daily Mail rewards new estate agency service

MFH Awards 2007The first new estate agency service to emerge in many years has just won national recognition in the Daily Mail UK Property Awards 2007. Mobility Friendly Homes was formally launched in April this year and is now making excellent progress. Attending the occasion in The West End were over 700 property professionals drawn from the fields of development, estate agency, PR, interior design, web sites and portals.

MFH Awards 2007Mobility Friendly Homes is designed to help people with mobility difficulties, or their families buy and sell adapted and/or accessible properties. The creators had found that most agents give scant regard to such features and do not know how to market these homes. Some agents will not take on a property until adaptations, which sometimes cost several thousand pounds, are removed. For vendors that is hugely upsetting, and potentially very costly.

Daily News - Best Property Portal 2007The creators and directors of Mobility Friendly Homes, Mike Reid and Lynda Dean entered their business in the Portal section of the Awards and were thrilled to receive a 4 Star Award for the Mobility Friendly Homes portal, especially when they found that it had taken Rightmove to beat them to the 5 Star Award.

The developers of the portal, Resource Techniques were also present on the occasion. Nigel Trickey and Troy Stanley are well known in the property business as they provide web marketing solutions to over 3000 estate agency office including members of Mayfair Office and TEAM.

It has taken four years of development for Mobility Friendly Homes to reach this stage, and it is now becoming a national service, with agents offering qualifying properties in much of the South East and from Somerset, through Birmingham to Essex. Advertisers also include developers and housing associations.

MFH is also partnered with some local authorities and the directors are especially pleased to be working with the Greater London Authority on development of the London Accessible Housing Register.

Further information can be found at www.mobilityfriendlyhomes.co.uk.