Creating A Successful Estate Agency Website

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Creating A Successful Estate Agency Website


Unfortunately many estate agents neglect their website, letting it become outdated. However when it comes to web design for estate agents, quality is the key factor for success.

Here are 8 key factors in order to create a successful estate agency website that will work great for you and your audience:

1) Responsive design

Mobile internet browsing has finally overtaken desktop browsing so having a website that adjusts to the screen size of the device has never been more important. A responsive website is no longer a luxury but a necessity for any business.

With 48% of people saying using a non-mobile friendly frustrates them, you can no longer put off getting a responsive website.

2) A strong call-to-action

Call-to-actions are text or graphics that encourage users to take action. For example, an estate agents primary call-to-action should be their property search. Having strong call-to-actions will improve your click-through rates by 2.75 times and having large, well-positioned and colourful call-to-actions will achieve 5 times more clicks.

3) Consistent branding

Your website needs to have a consistent look throughout. The same logo, fonts, colours and language will create trust and enforce brand identity.

4) Big, bold and beautiful images

The image you chose for your homepage will be the first thing your visitors see and the right image will leave a lasting first impression as well as compliment the design and layout of your website.

5) Clear, simple navigation

A simple navigation will help your visitors navigate around your website quickly and easily. By having a well-structured and easy to navigate website you can increase your conversion rates by up to 20%.

6) Prominent contact information

Your visitors must be able to find your contact information including your phone number, office address and email within seconds of accessing your website. Being clear and upfront with this information will help to establish yourself as a user-friendly, open and trustworthy business.

7) All your important information needs to be above the fold

“Above the fold” is the area of the website that is visible without scrolling the page. People pay more attention to this information, so it is crucial you get your message across before the scroll.

8) Content – blogs, videos, etc

Content drives traffic, action and conversions. Blogs especially work wonders when it comes to driving traffic and expanding your reach so ensure you have some kind of content marketing strategy in place. 

Luke Stanley