Create a better landing page

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Create a better landing page

Not every page on your website will be a landing page. However, landing pages are an essential part of any estate agent website.

A landing page refers to pages that boldly ask users to take action, this may be to subscribe to an e-newsletter, fill in a contact form or search for a property.

A landing page is goal-oriented and action driven. They shouldn’t be considered or treated the same as a traditional web page as they are critical tools for converting your audience into customers.

For estate agents, your landing pages will likely be each of your property listings and for some of your services pages but how do you make your landing pages better for your audience?

1. Keep them to the point

A great landing page will be to the point. You only have a couple of seconds to grab your audience’s attention and persuade them to take action. If you ramble on and on, the user will lose interest and your call-to-action will lose persuasive power.

2. Be particular

You don’t want to give your audience too many options, as the more options the user has the less likely they are to do anything. Eliminate all options that aren’t crucial to the page and point the user to the one specific thing you want them to do.

3. Be prominent

It is important to be specific with your call-to-actions (as stated in point 2) but in some cases, you will need to give the user more than one option, for example on the property listings page. However, there is still likely to only be one key call-to-action you want the user to take. Make this call-to-action as prominent as possible; the users’ eye should be drawn to that action over the rest.

4. Use an attractive title

You need to capture the users’ attention almost immediately. Try to use a verb to convey a sense of urgency. The call-to-action should also be no longer than a line or two.

5. Use a meaningful call-to-action

The call-to-action needs to be relevant to the page. It needs to be direct and beneficial to the user. Give them a reason to click.

6. Well structured

A landing page should always include a compelling image, bullet points or a number list to ensure the page is engaging, short, to the point and effective.


If you manage to include all 6 of these tips within your landing page you will be sure to drive more users to complete your call-to-actions. 

Luke Stanley