Could SEO save your business?

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Could SEO save your business?

Search Engine Optimisation isn’t just about getting lots and lots of traffic to your website. The idea behind SEO is that you are getting good quality, relevant traffic to your website that will turn visitors into customers.

Your website may be bringing in the traffic but not turning those users into buyer. You may be wasting all your time and effort by investing into the wrong advertising or optimisation for the wrong keywords

Search Engine Optimisation will help solve all these issues.

SEO will help improve an Estate Agent’s ranking within Search Engines and having a high ranking in popular search engines such as Google can make you see a lot more online business. The key to the success of this isn’t just getting onto page 1 but to perform well for the correct keywords. What I mean by ‘correct keyword’ if you are performing well for “Property for Sale in Camden” and you don’t have any properties in Camden you will lose a lot of potential customers as people will lose their trust in your company if you aren’t providing them with a correct information.

SEO will also help you develop your brand within the online community. Users are provided with a much greater amount of choice when shopping online, making branding ever more important. This is because brand development can help you get your business noticed, trusted and respected. This is so important with the internet, if you aren’t seen as a reliable up to date company users will go elsewhere for their business. A well branded website will make your company stand out from its competitors. Also using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter will get your website noticed and help build your relationship with your community.

When talking about Search Engine Optimisation, people will immediately think about directing traffic to their website and not even consider who actually is being directed to their website. This is obviously the wrong way to go about SEO. Your website should only be optimised for those Search Engines and visitors who are going to benefit your business.

You have to also consider what the customers are looking for when they arrive on your website. From Estate Agents your customers will be immediately looking for the “Property Search” tool. If you don’t make it easy for the user they will go elsewhere.


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