Concentrating completely on SEO? Think again!

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Concentrating completely on SEO? Think again!


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is great for driving traffic to your Estate Agent website but it shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all for your online strategy. There are numerous amounts of ways to drive targeted traffic to your state of the art website with expertly marketed properties.

We have named the top 3 ways Estate Agents may have missed when increasing the amount of people that visit their website without counting the ‘all important’ SEO that you would have read about.

Social Networks

Here at Resource Techniques we tirelessly promote the benefit of social networks to every single Estate Agent that is on our newsletter mailing list. One of our articles – ‘Social Media Hub-bub’ explains that Estate Agents should use their website as a ‘hub’ for their entire online activity.

It means that all of your social networks will point back to your website, allowing greater access to where you want them to go. Not only that, but all blog posts, business and local news as well as interesting properties should all point back to your website whilst using


Think about how many people you email on a regular basis. If your email linked back to your website, people will have direct access without having to go to Google – making your traffic jump considerably.

Also try to also think outside the box of just sending recipients to your homepage. Add a ‘Property of the week’ and change the link to help a particular property receive extra attention.

QR codes

With more and more people buying smart phones that have the ability to scan, QR codes are hailed as the ‘next big thing’. Previously writing about it, we explained ‘what QR codes are’ and ‘QR codes with a twist’ - all well received!

QR codes can be placed anywhere where you think that people will see them, whether that’s on your front door, window, sales boards, local adverts.

Top tip: You can even link to your app for people to download straight to their mobile phone. E.G. The teamprop app on iTunes.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant