Complete Twitter guide for estate agents

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Technophobic estate agents, we have good news! Twitter, a fast-growing social network, understands that people still may not 'get' twitter so they have provided a guide especially for businesses.

Twitter recap

Twitter is a social network where people communicate in 140 characters or less. This is very much like SMS or texting and is completely free. To view other people's messages you have to 'follow' them. Once you follow them you'll receive all the messages that they send out. Obviously, this works the other way round and anyone 'following' you will be able to see all your messages.

Your messages or 'Tweets', can also be seen by the entire internet. Twitter has an inbuilt search function so people searching for property can type in 'one bedroom flat' and your estate agent 'Tweets' containing 'one bedroom flat' will be picked up. There is also a function that shows what everyone is mostly talking about (these are called 'trending topics'). This can be useful to get the real-time news, with the latest information.

Twitter guide for businesses

The guide will be able to help estate agents use twitter to its full potential.

The topics covered are:

  • What is Twitter
  • Getting started
  • Learning the lingo
  • Best practices
  • Case studies
  • Other resources

This seems to cover all avenues so estate agents will be able connect to people looking for property in their local area. To visit the guide, click here. Alternatively, you can contact Resource Techniques on 0208 457 4777 or email