Commercial Property: RBS 6 Nations

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Commercial Property: RBS 6 Nations

This weekend saw the much-anticipated start of the 2012 RBS 6 Nations Tournament. It also saw the launch of what is being billed as Rugby’s very first interactive App.

The App aims to deliver an extra dimension to your viewing experience as you watch the 6 Nations on TV either in the comfort of your own home or a suitably appointed licenced establishment. Makers are unsurprisingly bullish, claiming the app will "revolutionise and enhance the live match experience".

Enhancing Your Viewing Pleasure

By using the functionality of Facebook Connect, the App apparently allows you to interact with friends and other fans wherever their location. I say apparently, because I didn’t get the chance to use the App on Saturday.

Call me old fashioned, but I decided to use ‘low-tech’ forms of communication to “interact” with friends and “enhance” my viewing pleasure. Namely locating myself in the same licenced location as my friends and “enhancing” the live match experience with several pints of the black stuff.

As you watch the match the App throws various quiz questions at you, polls your opinion on different topics as well as challenging you to predict the result of everything from line-outs and scrums to conversations and penalties.

Where Can I Get It?

The App is free and available for iPad, iPhone, Android and on Facebook and can be downloaded from

Scotland vs England - Top Viewing for Saturday

BBC One gained a peak audience of 8.3 million viewers for the weekends Calcutta Cup clash, making it the highest rated programme on Saturday. The earlier match between France and Italy averaged viewing figures of 2.9million.

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