Commercial Property Clients Mobile Expectations

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Commercial Property Clients Mobile Expectations

Commercial agents and chartered surveyors, who believe that the revolution in mobile web has little to do with them or the wider commercial property sector, would do well to heed the findings of a recent survey carried out by Compuware.

The survey carried out by Equation Research on behalf of Compuware spoke to 4,014 mobile web users about their expectations and experiences with applications and mobile web. The survey found that a staggering 71% of mobile users expected websites to load as quickly or quicker on their mobile phone compared to a conventional desk or laptop computer.

In itself, many commercial agents and chartered surveyors will still wonder what this finding has to do with them. Yet in a sector where reputation and professionalism are everything, it is worth noting that a poor mobile website experience will negatively effect the clients view of the whole organisation and not just its website. In fact 34% of those surveyed said they would simply visit a competitor’s mobile website instead.

A mobile optimised website is a version of a chartered surveyors or commercial agents conventional website that is design specifically for the unique behaviour of a user accessing the website via a mobile device. The growth in smartphone ownership is radically changing the way that we access and use the Internet. In less than two years it is forecast that more people will access the Internet via a mobile device than by a traditional PC.

In the commercial property sector alone, consider that around 40% of the traffic to your website already comes via a mobile device. Can you be sure that you are projecting the right image of your company within this medium, to the wider commercial property market?

Mobile optimized websites do not have to be expensive, but make sure that you do your homework. A website design agency that specialises in the property sector will have the level of insight into what commercial vendors, tenants, investor and developers demand from the mobile web.


Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant