Commercial agents wasted words

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Commercial agents wasted words

As a chartered surveyor how would you describe yourself? Or more importantly what words would you use to define your business? I’m not talking about what you do or your sector or area of expertise, but the words you would use to define what makes you unique?

You’re Not the Only Chartered Surveyor

Wherever you may be in the country, there are at least four to five other commercial agents and chartered surveyors that can provide the same services as you. They have probably got the same amount of knowledge and been successfully trading in the market for as long or longer. Chances are their business name, like yours, will be a collection of surnames like Ellis Baxter or DeWinter, Davis, McDougal or it will be Someone & Co or the (insert surname here) Partnership.

So how do you, differentiate yourself from everyone else?

The problem is that all agents use the same words. They all talk about professionalism, integrity, reputation, knowledge etc. These are the common words used by all good commercial agents like you, to describe how they are different from the pack and why the client should instruct or engage their services.

Problem is, all the bad, useless chartered surveyors use those words as well.  Consequently these terms, in themselves have become devalued and worthless.

It’s not what you say; it’s where you say it

Whatever words you decide to use, it's the environment or landscape that these words exist within that matter.

So here’s the point. Whatever the collection of words if they exist on a website that is passé, tired, poorly designed and ultimately unprofessional - then you and your company will be perceived in the same way. Whatever you say.

More than two-thirds of your new business prospects will at some point check out your website. Whether that's to find out more about you following a meeting or get your contact details before calling, they will make an emotional and irrational judgement on your company by what they see visually. Not the words.

Philip Burrows Marketing Consultant