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How many of your New Years resolutions have you broken? Resolutions that would make you just that little bit fitter, lighter and brighter? It’s that traditional time to take stock and look positively to the future. See how we can improve our lot.

Time to improve your image?

Yet if economic predictions are correct, the commercial property market will be in for another challenging year in 2012. So perhaps one of your business resolutions should be to review the way you present yourself to a highly competitive commercial property sector.

Your Shop Window To The World

It’s one of those well-worn phrases, but then the most accurate ones always are. Your website is one of the few tangible examples of your company’s knowledge and expertise.

A good website will stand you apart from all the other commercial agents and chartered surveyors who are offering the market the same services as yourself. So your website needs to be performing at its optimum level.

But you’re an expert in commercial property, not digital strategy, so how do you get an objective review of your website?

Get Some Free Advice
If only you could get the expert analysis from an agency with over 25 years experience serving the property sector and not have to pay for it. Well actually you can.

Resource Techniques offers commercial agents and chartered surveyors a free website review of their current website. The five-page report covers areas like:

  • User Experience
  • Functionality
  • Search Engine Ranking
  • Website Performance
  • Look and feel
  • Overall effectiveness

The review serves as a great aid to compare your web presence to your competitors. This can be particularly uncomfortable when comparing your search engines rankings against your competition.

To get more details about Resource Techniques Free Website Reviews, click here.

Philip Burrows Marketing Consultant