Combine Mobile and Home and you don’t just get a moving house

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Combine Mobile and Home and you don’t just get a moving house


One of the things that we drill into Estate Agents here at Resource Techniques is the importance of the smart phone.

Back in October 2009 we wrote about mobile usage is on the rise. We see everywhere that people are using their mobile phones whilst waiting in a queue, on the bus and even in their cars – which we should point out is illegal.

There’s a good reason why smart phones are so popular. They are basically a Swiss Army Knife in your pocket and are able to carry out a range of entertaining and useful functions such as play games, update social networks and even watch video.

A report from Nielsen not only confirms our statement but unbelievably found that 74% of smart phone users watch video at home whereas only 31% of people watched video on their daily commute.

This should indicate to Estate Agents the importance of the mobile device to the vendor or the property searcher. Not only are more people buying smart phones, but their usage is increasing whether they’re taking the daily commute, in the office or even just at home.

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