Chrome now on Android Smartphones and Tablets

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Chrome now on Android Smartphones and Tablets

This has been a long time coming but now Google have released a beta version of Chrome which is now available to download for both Android Smartphone’s and tablets.

All the features that you would associate with the desktop version are included in the mobile version. Some extra features have also been built into the mobile version including the option to sync across both desktop and mobile versions when you sign into your Google account.

This is a very cool feature, carrying over all your bookmarks and search terms to your Smartphone as well as giving you the option to reopen pages you’ve left open on your desktop, making this a very useful app for people on the go.

Although this is a very important step for Google’s Chrome, the app is only available for those with Android 4.0 operating systems and due to the fact it is still on beta mode it may have one or two bugs.

However I’m sure this app will become extremely popular once it’s lost its beta tag and is available for the older Android models, which will most likely happen sooner rather than later.

You can go onto the Android market and download the beta version of Chrome now.