Can Estate Agents project success

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Can Estate Agents project success


Two weeks ago, Resource Techniques covered an article on recording 3D properties for your portfolio with the UK’s first 3D camcorder - something that will literally give Estate Agents an extra dimension to their media.

This is all good and well, but not exactly transferable onto your Estate Agent website since not many people have 3D computer screens. Therefore Estate Agents need some sort of magical device to project 3D images of properties in their offer.

Enter the LG BX327 – a 3D projector that could quite possibly blow the minds of buyers and vendors before they even step out of the office.

This 3D projector is just the latest of their range of 3D projectors of the office and with a predicted price tag of around £600, it could be slightly expensive just to see your customers in those silly glasses.    

Estate Agents, the point here is to start thinking outside of box. Technology is always changing and one possible trend could very easily be the movement of 3D screens in every business and every home. 

Ask yourself seriously, is this just a gimmick or will it impress vendors?