Bundle your links together

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Bundle your links together


Last week Resource Techniques covered an article on a new link shortening service that lets Estate Agents share multiple links from one single URL.

This fantastic service gives Estate Agents the opportunity to share a selection of links within a slideshow. This could be anything that is linkable from a ‘top 5 properties’ to a slideshow of recent blog posts.

Now bit.ly has a new addition to their ever popular service – bundles.

Accessible from the grey ‘Bundle’ button on the right hand side, Estate Agents can take as many links as they want and place it on a single page.

People that click on the bundle link (available via ‘Bundle stats’ on the right hand side of the bundle page) will see a whole list of links that the Estate Agent has bundled together. They can see how many clicks each link has as well as being able to add a comment on the bottom.

Although this service doesn’t let Estate Agents flick between web pages in a slideshow, it does certainly add more versatility into link sharing on social media.

Try it out now – go to www.bit.ly and click on the bundle button on the right hand side. Note: Estate Agents may have to create an account or sign in to use this service.