Build Your Brand Image

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Build Your Brand Image


As an Estate Agent your branding is very important to your business. This is not only for recognition purposes but for promotional and professional purposes too.

Your brand needs to be able to lure the customers in with professional, modern design that emphasises your businesses personality.

Your website is usually the first place someone will go when interested in buying or selling a property and without the right branding you may lose potential customers.

Here are some enlightening tips to help you create brand image from your website: 

1) Aesthetics are priority

Your website needs to do multiple things simultaneously but first of all it needs to look good.

The colours, layout and imagery, along with every other feature is extremely important for a beautiful website.

Be sure to choose a colour that suits your business needs and target audience.

2) Prominent logo

The logo needs to be clearly visible throughout your website and not just on the homepage. The traditional placement of the logo is in the upper left area of the web page. The logo not only need to be positioned correctly on the page but also needs to be large in size and should always link back to the homepage.

3) Reflect character

People like dealing with websites that have personality, which means your website should be built with your personality in mind. Include human elements to your design as these characteristics can tell your customers about your business goals.

4) Call-to-action

The call-to-action needs to be prominently place on the homepage and draw the user’s eye towards it. If you do this correctly you won’t lose as many customers that have entered your site.

5) Be consistent

A website should always stay consistent within design, layouts and navigation. This isn’t just in regards to colour but also images, typography and many other design elements.

6) Uniqueness in your local area

What exactly sets your website apart from your competition? The design should be unique and stand apart from your local competition.

A striking website will draw users into the site and keep them coming back again and again.