Britons actually trust Google just as much as religion

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Britons actually trust Google just as much as religion

New reports have revealed that the search engine Google and religion are ranked on par when it comes to institutions people trust.

Google and religion received the same amount of votes with 17% of people saying they trusted Google and religion more than banks and insurance companies. However almost 40% of people said they thought the NHS were more trustworthy as they put their needs first which made the NHS the highest ranking institute on the list, followed by the police who received over a quarter of the votes.

The younger generations trust in Google was even higher with 28% of 16-24 year olds saying they find them the most trustworthy source, compared to only 17% choosing religious organisations. This has been said to be due to the amount of people now using Google on a daily basis and not being as engaged with religious institutions as they once were.

The NHS came out as the most trustworthy with 37% of the votes and unsurprisingly politicians were voted the least trustworthy with only 3% of the votes.

Google came out more trustworthy than its internet rivals Facebook who only managed to achieve 9% of the votes but this has likely due to the social network being newer, however Google were surprisingly beaten by the supermarkets with 19% even after the recent horsemeat scandals.

The least trusted institutes included banks (7%), utility companies (6%) and insurance firms (5%).

More than 2000 people were polled in this research.

Google still stands as the most popular website in the UK as well as dominating search with over 90% of the market compared to Bing who is in second place with only 5.67%.