Brighton and Hove are described as London - on - Sea.

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Brighton topped a poll as the place with the most people describing themselves as happy, 94% compared to the UK average of 85%.

According to Brighton and Hove City council, the amount of private rented properties in Brighton and Hove is 21% twice as high as the national average, given the local universities - the University of Sussex and the University of Brighton the interest is not surprising.

With a wide selection of shops and parks, and good schools this with the added benefit of the beach and sea air, with all the good bits of the Capital at affordable prices, demand for property in Brighton and Hove has rocketed.

The growth in London house prices over the last 12 years has fuelled those in Brighton. Director of Bonett's a Brighton based agency Paul Bonett explains, "People are not prepared to pay top prices in, for example, London, but they are prepared to pay sensible money to move." With downgrading as the only option for some clients.

Results show it is a case of it being a buyers market, and properties are still selling if the price is right although slower, not so much doom and gloom.