BridgeURL: Sharing multiple links

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BridgeURL: Sharing multiple links


Estate Agents that have embraced the new religion that is social media will know about URL shorteners. If not, read our article on tiny urls and tiny url checkers.

Just to review, it is important for three simple reasons:

  • Record – Record every single click meaning that Estate Agents can quantify their actions.
  • Minimise – Shorten those pesky long URLS into Twitter’s 140 character limit.
  • Redirect – Taking the enormous amount of traffic that lingers on social networks and transfer that onto your Estate Agent website. is one of the most popular link shortening services due to its speed and functionality, but a new service could soon be steaming into the lead. shortens your long URLS, but with one difference – it can shorten multiple links into a slideshow so that Estate Agents can flick between each link at a touch of a button.

There are two downsides to this. Firstly the slideshow uses a design technique called IFrames which means that some websites have blocked this function. Whilst testing I found that neither Facebook nor Twitter was able to display the links, but the good news is that all websites designed by Resource Techniques work perfectly. Huzzah!

Secondly do not currently keep a record of clicks. This is unfortunate but there is way around this – once Estate Agents have link from BridgeURL, all they need to do is simply then paste this into then check for the number of clicks. Easy!

So how Estate Agents use this?

One of the ways smacking me square in the face is for Estate Agents to display something similar like the ‘Top 5 properties’, ‘Our most prestigious properties’ or something to that effect. By posting the link into and then their social networks, allowing users to view multiple pages on their Estate Agent website whilst the Estate Agent sits back and counts the clicks.