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Any Estate Agent that uses social networking such as Facebook and Twitter will most likely be aware of the popular URL shortener

For those Estate Agents who are unsure, URL shorteners take the web address or URL and compact it into a smaller link so that it can not only fit into the limiting 140 characters on Twitter but it also gives Estate Agents the chance to monitor the number of clicks.

For more information read our article on Tiny URLs.

Sources are reporting some outstanding facts about They have now reached 40 billion clicks and just before their second birthday, claim that they are now shortening 200 million URL per day and Google claims that they are the 69th largest website.

For any Estate Agents not using, these are clearly numbers that cannot be ignored.

Thinking of starting up on By signing up Estate Agents can also sign up to pro which gives users the ability to create custom links – something that will make marketing links a lot easier.