Bend the trend

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Bend the trend

Web design is a funny subject. Everyone has their own opinion how they want their Estate Agent website, even if they have no experience previously with Estate Agent website design.

Having an idea of what you want your website to look like is a good thing. This reduces the risk of cowboys taking you for a ride, but unfortunately there are a few requests that seem crop up time after time.

Firstly there have been a few requests to place a clock with or without a date. This, with most of out-dated web design trends, dates back to the 90s when the web was just in its infancy. Adding a clock is a vain attempt to try and make the website seem advanced/up-to-date when it in fact does the opposite.

Secondly a few Estate Agents have requested their website to only list properties and ignore the property search function. Again going back to a caveman era of web design, Estate Agents websites can be much more than simple listings by showing property searchers the exact properties that match their criteria.

There are plenty more ‘faux pas’ of Estate Agent web design. Why not try our Free web review for Estate Agents to see if your website is up to scratch.