BBC iPlayer to use Facebook and Twitter

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BBC iPlayer to use Facebook and Twitter

Video is, and will continue to be incredibly popular form of media on Estate Agent websites. In recent articles we covered YouTube’s 5th birthday, Amazing videos on YouTube and the increasing importance of video SEO.

Estate Agents know that the great thing about social networks is that you can directly share your personal likes and dislikes with your friends. People then can use that information to learn about their friends and discuss interests that they have in common in real social situations.

It makes sense that the BBC have announced to combine the iPlayer with Facebook and Twitter. This is now available for public use on the iPlayer beta site. The BBC have not yet announced when this will be fully integrated into the existing iPlayer, but Estate Agents can be sure that it will be incorporated into the main iPlayer as soon as all bugs and feedbacks have been sorted.

Stating on their blog post the BBC stated, ‘Basically, we use your external social graph to connect you with your friends within the iPlayer site, and make it scalable for other BBC Online services in the fullness of time.’

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments on social networking for Estate Agents, ‘This is yet another indication for Estate Agents that they need to have a social networking strategy. If they do not yet have one, it is seriously time to start thinking about one.’

‘Social networking is not going to go away over night. A recent statistic stated that social networking use has doubled over the past 3 years and accounts for 23% of all internet use within the UK.’

‘Estate Agents, what’s your social networking strategy? Have you integrated it into your Estate Agent website?’ – Troy Stanley