Back to basics for estate agents, Search engine optimisation (SEO): Part 1

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Back to basics for estate agents, Search engine optimisation (SEO): Part 1


Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process of organising the design on the estate agency webpage so that they agree with the mathematical formula that searh engines have in place to organise the internet. This mathematical formula is extremely complex but there are some basic rules that estate agents can follow for SEO.

Let's start at the beginning. If someone decides to search for property on the internet, they will start with a search engine (unless they have the estate agent's website address in mind). Once on the search engine, they will to type in words that best describes what they are looking for. For property searches, our years of experience has found that majority people will type in 'Estate agents in' and their local area.

When people type in 'Estate agent in...' or 'Property in...' and their local area, you want your estate agency website to have SEO so that you appear at the top of any particular search engine. Estate agents want their website to be at the top of Google search results page because this means that more people will be accessing the website and viewing the properties that they have to offer.

There has even been eye tracking studies to confirm this. What has resulted is the Golden Google triangle where the most concentrated views by internet users are on the top left hand side of the results page. These sites will have the best SEO.

In the next article, 'Back to basics for estate agents, search engine optimisation (SEO): part 2' Resource Techniques will be showing estate agents how SEO is implemented in the design of their estate agent website.

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