Awful web design - don’t make your audience cringe

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Awful web design - don’t make your audience cringe

How often do you land on a website, take one look and wonder what on earth were they thinking?

For any that use the internet on a regular basis, this probably happens an awful lot. The internet is a very visual place and everyone will be making snap judgements about your website in seconds.

In fact, it takes no longer than 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for a user to form an opinion about your website.

Here are 7 common web design flaws that are guaranteed to make your audience cringe every time:

1) Unbearably slow loading time

Websites loading time drive users’ crazy. The internet is a fast paced platform and no one has the patience for anything other than instant. Don’t make your audience wait.

2) Mobile negligence  

Nothing is more frustrating than landing on a website only to have to pinch and zoom to be able to see the content and click on buttons. If you don’t design your website with mobile in mind in 2015 then you are wasting your time and money as mobile is the future. Having a non-mobile friendly website will frustrate anyone who tries to access it via a mobile device.

3) Flash usage  

It is amazing that Flash still exists. Flash pages may look fancy but these pages annoy users and make it difficult for websites to be accessed from a mobile device as they don’t support the software.

If you still use Flash, then it is time to get with the times and abandon the unnecessary website feature.

4) Thoughtless layouts

Layouts take a lot of thought and nit-picking to get right. It isn’t something that should be rushed. We aren’t talking about frames and tables as this isn’t the 90s but the fact you need to focus on web design and layout that are in alignment with how your users will view your website.

With web design for estate agents, we recommend the Z-shaped pattern.

5) Low quality content

Web designers can be a bit naïve when it comes to content as they still tend to focus more so on design and usability but these days poor, unorganised content can have a negative effect on your web design and brand. It is fair to say that content is more important than design and usability, so ensure you don’t neglect your content.

6) Confusing navigation and broken links

“Where should I click?” is the last thing you want your audience to think. Your website is in place to help your users find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible, however many websites forget this.

Broken links and misleading navigation can be very frustrating and will likely result in abandonment of the search on your website. Website usability is vital for any website and should be planned and tested to ensure the user is getting the best experience possible.

Remember, the next click should always be obvious.

7) Auto-playing videos

Possible the most cringe worthy and annoying feature a website can have is auto-playing videos and audios. Almost everyone has been caught off guard by this website feature and the majority of us hate it as it can be very embarrassing and annoying.

Don’t try to aggravate your audience, instead focus on delivering a great user-experience and avoid these 7 cringe worthy web design flaws.

Luke Stanley