Automated cleaning robots - Gadget of the week for Estate Agents

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Automated cleaning robots - Gadget of the week for Estate Agents

Estate Agents, are you sick of cleaning your office? Even worse, have you ever turned up early for a viewing and the owner clearly hasn't vacuumed? Well the brainy people at iRobot clearly hate house cleaning because with a range of vacuuming and floor washing robots means that they will never have to touch another mop or Hoover ever again.

The Roomba® vacuum cleaning robot has 5 different variants ranging from £199.99 to £399.99 and is a must-have for the dust fearing, lazy individual. The cheapest of the range automatically cleans 3 rooms in one single charge, picking up dirt, dust and pet hair and cleans the whole floor including every edge. All Estate Agents have to do is press the 'Clean' button!

The top of the range Roomba® has some extra designs that are worth the extra cost. One such feature is an automated return to a charging station once the Roomba® has finished cleaning. Estate agents will be dust-free, safe in the knowledge that their Roomba® will clean their office or house up to seven times a week. Estate Agents are also able to set up their own area using something called 'Virtual Wall Lighthouses making the Roomba® only clean one area.

The iRobot Scooba® is a hard floor washing robot covering 80 square meters for each charge. To clean, it prepares, washes, scrubs and squeegees whilst avoiding rugs, carpets and stairs. Although the website warns from using the Scooba on unsealed wood, unsealed stone or laminate flooring.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments on the Roomba, 'Go on YouTube and search for 'Roomba'. There are numerous videos with cats riding and attacking the cleaner. A must watch for Estate Agents!'