Attracting the 'You Tube' Generation

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Attracting the 'You Tube' Generation

Resource Techniques Attracting Youtube Generation GuideWhilst many agents have produced and continue to produce virtual tours, now is the time to consider upping the game and using video content within your web site as well as expanding the marketing opportunities the video format offers. The adage 'A picture paints a thousand words' has never been more true. Video is now increasingly used within email messages, this is fairly new to the UK but is massive in the US, particularly in the real estate agent market, so be the first in your area to send video content by email and your clients will be impressed.

Video has quickly become the preferred communication medium for personal contact within the younger market, the buyers and sellers of today and tomorrow. Business communication will no doubt follow the trend in the hunt for this increasingly lucrative sector of the sales market. In the US, real estate agents use video for business cards, introducing themselves and their services. Whilst it's not certain it will catch on here in the UK but its been found some UK estate agents are producing video of their local area and in some instances property for sale and rent. You only have to look at the success of the recent video based viral marketing campaigns of T Mobile (100s of synchronised dancers in a railway station) and Cadbury's (drumming gorilla) TV ads, to see it's potential, as both have achieved an enormous following on 'YouTube'. This type of marketing initiative is fantastic for the company as the brand is promoted by this self replicating viral process, and it's free... so keep them interesting. You never know, you could become a 'YouTube' phenomenon!

Creating video has never been easier or cheaper with many new computers being produced with built in video cameras, this then enables quick and easy production of personalised video messages from your desk. The next step is to produce a video promoting your local area. You can even use your iPhone but camcorders can be purchased for as little as £100 but for around £400 you can buy the latest highly rated slim line compact Sony HDR-TG3. Producing video is as simple as point and press since the camera then plugs directly into the USB port of your computer and the video is downloaded in seconds.

Before embarking on your first video, think about the message you want to give and plan how you're going to shoot it. The goal is to use video to improve and build your web presence, this is achieved by providing rich content that illustrates what it is like to live in your area.

Ensure that your videos are easy to find on your web site; around 90 percent of your visitors go directly to property search or property listings page, so it's important to make sure that your videos are accessible and well promoted within your site. This makes your web site "sticky", keeps people on your site longer and keeps them coming back and hopefully they'll tell their friends, this is how viral marketing starts... Good luck.

Top Video Tips:

1. Produce a video about your local area

Produce a video about your area. In the video, act as a tour guide showing what makes your area unique. This is not a sales pitch about you, the goal is to give viewers a sense of the local lifestyle.

2. Sales team viewing

Present each new instruction to your sales team at your morning meeting, negotiators will be better informed after seeing every new instruction without leaving the office.

3. Get a head start on the competition

If video is the new black then make a start now before it becomes common place, take advantage of the marketing opportunities now whilst it's still new and tell everyone about it.

4. Architectural/places of interest tour

Most areas have certain architectural styles or places of interest that are unique to the area. Make a video of the best examples of architectural style and places of interest in your local area.

5. Post/distribute your videos

Having shot your video, post your video on YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video, your own web site, blog, Twitter, Facebook etc etc... All at no charge.

Video will increasingly become important, in terms of both our personal and business communication. Images and text will no longer be satisfactory to the next generation of Web users. Instead, they will expect a full range of video applications that create the experience of "being there", in the future of the here and now, so join the multi media revolution today!

Troy Stanley - Technical Director

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