Are You Losing Customers?

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Are You Losing Customers?


Your website can be a major factor in your overall success but is often overlooked and thought of as more of a online brochure.

However, your estate agency website shouldn’t just be a digital brochure; instead it should be considered as a 24 hour shop window that has an infinite amount of potential to draw in new customers, entices new sales and generating more leads.

If you don’t think your website is an important part of your business then this is likely down to your lack of online efforts and an inadequate website.

Here are 5 things your website may be doing wrong and how to fix them:

1) No call-to-actions

You need to give your audience specific actions to take. As an estate agent you are likely to want them to search for properties, get in contact with you or discover what makes you better than your competition.  

Most of your audience will want to look at your properties first, so ensure your property search function is prominent on the homepage with a call-to-action to entice them to use it.

2) You are talking too much about yourself

The people coming to your website don’t want to be constantly bombarded with sales pitches. They also don’t just want to just hear about you. What your audience wants is to find out how you can help them.

Don’t just focus on content that talks about you instead show them how your services can help them.

3) Focusing too much on the sale and forgetting those just browsing

A huge percentage of people visiting your website aren’t likely to be ready to buy or use your services straight away. They are currently just looking around so just going after the sale isn’t going to help you and will also be a wasted opportunity.

You need to make yourself standout from your competition; help the visitor see that you are there to help them and use your website to collect email addresses of those who aren’t ready to commit. This way you can keep your brand in their mind while they are deciding through tactical email marketing.

4) Having an outdated website

Old websites stand out like a sore thumb. They are not only an eyesore but difficult to use and can ruin your credibility as a professional business.

If this is you then it is time for a new website. Don’t just aim to have a beautiful website, ensure it is user-friendly, optimised for search and mobile-friendly.

5) Not trusted

The internet isn’t a trusted place so it is your job to give your visitors a reason to trust you. In order to do this you will need to have an active blog and social presence as well as genuine reviews posted on Google and social platforms (as they add credibility). Video testimonials also work great to build trust and credibility. 

Luke Stanley