Apple’s iPad 3 to be released in March

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Apple’s iPad 3 to be released in March

With the excitement of the release of the iPad 3, more rumours are storming the net.

First, thanks to a leak at CES, it would appear that the expected retina display is true. Also a second noticeable difference was that it had a similar iPhone 4S camera lens (without the flash) suggesting that the iPad 3 will have an 8 megapixel camera like the iPhone 4S.

But the more exciting latest reports have said that the Apple’s iPad 3 is in production and has a released date set in March.

The internet is now buzzing with rumours that Apple’s next generation tablet has entered production in China.

Reports are circling that Foxconn and Pegatron Technology have started building iPad 3 units, potentially featuring Retina Displays provided by Sharp.

New rumours about the iPad 3 seem to be appearing every other day and I would expect to see them becoming definitive information very soon.

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