Apple PC’s no longer immune to Viruses?

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Apple PC’s no longer immune to Viruses?

Apple, a brand widely known for its immunity to computer viruses has now changed its wording, clarifying that “Mac computers aren’t in fact immune to malware”. Until recently Apple’s website has claimed that it “doesn’t get PC viruses” but now it reads that a Mac is “built to be safe”.

The Flashback botnet infected over 600,000 Macs earlier this year, making Apple change their stance on being invincible to viruses. Apple have now taken steps to increase security, for example releasing a security guide for iOS and a feature called Gatekeeper in the OS X 10.8 update but those of you with older operating systems may still be at risk.

Obviously due to the popularity of the Apple products, hackers have started to try and abuse Apple’s operating systems making the company abandon its previous claims of virus immunity.

Most of the malware may still be floating around causing problems for windows users but Apple users will have to remember that OS isn’t impenetrable and can still be attacked. Be sure to keep your Mac’s update!

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