An interview with Dean Webb

| Web design

After our interview with our SEO consultant and giving Troy Stanley a grilling, we decided that two wasn't enough. Enter Dean Webb, Business Account manager for Resource Techniques. Dean has had years of experience dealing with Estate Agents looking for new websites and knows website functionality like the back of his hand.

What does your role at Resource Techniques involve?

I am responsible for advising clients how they can get more out of their company website. This includes discussing SEO for Estate agents, Social Networking (Facebook & Twitter for business) usability, and functionality of their website.

What's your favourite feature of an Estate Agent's website?

There are so many features that Estate Agents can have on their website but my particular favourite would be the enhanced Google Maps.

Why's that?

I've looked at more Estate Agent websites than I care to remember and most do not have enhanced Google Maps. Because only a very small percentage of Agents are using the enhanced mapping, it gives the sites that do have it an element of stickiness, and a real reason for potential clients to come back.

What is enhanced Google Maps?

Enhanced Google Maps is a Google Map embedded into the Estate Agent's website, but with the addition of local amenities placed throughout the map with properties for sale alongside the amenities. Not only is this is a great listing tool for the agents, but potential buyers are able to plan their kids journey to school or to see how far the nearest public transport facility is situated from their potential new home.

Does it cost extra?

No......In fact most of the features that we offer come with every website that we provide, at no additional cost. Estate Agents are welcome to contact me for a no obligations consultation on their website.

, Account Manager at Resource Techniques.