All you need to know about the iPhone 5

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All you need to know about the iPhone 5

Apple has finally launched the iPhone 5 and we must say it is quite impressive. The first thing you will notice about the next generation of iPhone is that it is a fair bit longer. It has a 4 inch retina display with a resolution of 1136 x 640, which is 176 pixels taller than every iPhone screen since 2010.

The phone is the same width but its 18% thinner and 20% lighter giving it a lot slimmer look than the previous iPhones.

The back is now made out of metal, making it a lot sturdier than the previous iPhone which were made out of glass. The gorgeous aluminium and glass frame comes in two colours, white and black.

They’ve also added a new shrunken more powerful dock connector which is now 8-pins instead of 30-pins but don’t worry if you’ve already got lots of accessories for the previous iPhone’s as a adapter is also available for around £20.

The stereo speakers on the bottom have grown and improved in quality as well.

Apple has also increased the power, which they say is now twice as fast as the old one. The A6 processor will make your apps open and run faster as well as load websites quicker.

Both the cameras front and back are also new, with the front camera now having a HD video for FaceTime and the rear camera is still 8 megapixels but a lot faster, better quality in low light and comes with a built-in panorama feature with 28 megapixels.

Apple has also given us this thing called a Wideband, which simply means your phone call from now on will be much clearer.

The battery hasn’t grown but it is a lot more powerful and supposedly offers 8 hours of 4G browsing time which is incredibly impressive.

These are the new EarPods, they are Apple’s improved in-ear earphones that have been designed to snuggle comfortably into your ears, while distributing the air perfectly for the best sound. They also come free with the iPhone 5.

Finally the iPhone 5 will be available from £530 (pricing varying with contracts) and is to be released on September 21st.

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