Advantages of Responsive Web Design

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Advantages of Responsive Web Design


Responsive web design is a must for any estate agent that is serious about providing the best for their audience.

A responsive website will deliver the best user-experience across all devices and has many other advantages. If you are still unsure if you should go responsive here are 7 advantages of responsive web design that may sway your decision:

1) Attract a wider audience

Your audience will access your website from a variety of different devices in all shapes and sizes. Responsive design will accommodate them no matter how big or small their screen is.

2) Easier to monitor analytics

If you have separated websites for different devices that means you have to keep an eye on two analytics. A responsive website is just one website, meaning your analytics is just one source of information.

3) Easier to maintain

Again, multiple websites for multiple devices means any changes needs to be made across all of them. With a responsive website it means you only have to make the change once.

4) Boost for SEO

Marketing your business is obviously crucial for you to be found and SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. Google are now, in order to improve their search results for mobile users, favouring responsive websites so they appear higher on the search engines results.

5) Consistency in design and brand

Obviously you can design and customise a mobile website and a traditional website; however you will never get the same look and feel better the two. A responsive website will keep the same design across all devices.

6) Lower bounce rates

Your potential customers aren’t going to put up with a slow, difficult to use website. If your website isn’t compatible with the device they are using then they will simply back up and go to one of your competitors. Your audience doesn’t want to wait around; they want answers fast and easy. A responsive website will reduce the bounce rate with fast loading, easy to use navigation and clear call-to-actions.

7) Improved conversion rates

As a responsive website is the best option for your web design needs as it delivers the best user-experience. A responsive website will increase sales as it will reach a larger, more target audience and give them the smooth and easy experience they are looking for.

Responsive web design is the way forward. Don’t ignore the potential of advancing your business and fall behind your competition. 

Luke Stanley