Advanced Twitter search for Estate Agents

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Advanced Twitter search for Estate Agents

Estate Agents and many Twitter users use Twitter's most basic search function - typing in words and pressing enter.

Unbeknownst to many, Twitter's search results can be manipulated in many different ways, if you know how. Each of these will reveal different results depending on exactly what Estate Agents type into the search box.

  • Standard search - Estate Agents that only type in words and press enter will be shown a results page containing all those words and in any order.
  • Exact phrase - Search using quotation marks will bring back results with that exact phrase E.G "Web site design for Estate Agents".
  • OR search - Perfect for finding one word/phrase or another. E.G. Sales OR lettings
  • Minus search - Don't want to see a word in the search, just put a minus in front of it. E.G. lettings -sales
  • Hashtag search - Noticed a hashtag is used by your friends? Either click on it or type in # and the phrase E.G #EstateAgent
  • Sent from person search - Want to show all the Tweets one user has sent? Type in from: and the users name. E.G. From:RTechniques
  • Sent to person search - Same as the 'from' search but see who has sent Tweets to them. E.G. To:RTechniques
  • Reference person search - This search will bring up whoever has mentioned that user. E.G. @RTechniques
  • Geolocation search - Type in Near: and the local area and you will get all Tweets in that particular location. E.G. Near:Hendon
  • Refined Geolocation search - Typing in Near: a local area and then within: will provide search results that are in a particular area and within a certain radius. E.G. Near:Hendon within:10miles
  • Date search - Want to search for Tweets before or after a certain date? Just type in a search term and then place since: or until: and the date. E.G. property since: 2010-01-01
  • Positive/Negative search - Adding a smiley face or an unhappy face and Twitter will automatically filter positive and negative results E.G. Estate Agent :) or Estate Agent :(
  • Question search - Typing in a word or phrase and placing a question mark after it will yield search results that have questions in them. E.G. Design?

Twitter has a whole host of real-time information at Estate Agent's fingertips, including what the local people are talking about.