Add value to your content with these 4 easy steps

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Add value to your content with these 4 easy steps

Do you think people are getting what they want from your content and blog posts? Hopefully you are already sharing your ideas, giving advice and providing inspirational content to your readers but you still could be missing out on a few extra tricks that will encourage users to return again and again.

Here are 4 simple tips to help add value and depth to your content:

1. “Try this” tips

It’s easy to provide information but actually getting readers to implement what they are learning isn’t easy.

Aim to keep it simple, provide straightforward tips and steps to make it easy for them to put it into practice.

2. Link to useful resources

If the post relates to something you’ve written in the past and may further help your readers than link back to it. For example, if you are writing about “a guide to selling your house”, you might want to link to a previous post about “how to choose the right estate agents”.

This way you keep people engaged throughout your articles and give them the option to read more specific advice if they want to.

3. Make it easy to read

Subheadings, bullet or numbered points and bold text for keywords... all of these make it easier for your reader to take in what you are saying.

A lot of text bunched together is hard for the user to read. Ensure you break the content up into sections, with clear headings.

4. Give examples

When you’re explaining a concept, give the reader a clear example. This may be a screenshot, video, photo or case study that can back up your idea to help them visualise what you are saying.

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