A well designed website is a weapon of mass consumption

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A well designed website is a weapon of mass consumption

Web design is subjective, there's no denying that, but there is a lot of data that backs up the placements of very basic elements. Which is why the design of a website can be lethal; giving estate agents more leads than they know what to do with.

Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques comments, 'There has to be a balance between creativity and painstaking research that has gone into many usability studies.'

'The clear 'Call-to-Action' that is integrated into every estate agent website design is a prominent property search button. Many web design companies get it wrong by having 'Sales' and 'Letting' as part of their primary navigation.'

'Research has shown that 97-98% of users accessing an agent's website go straight to property search because that is what they are there to do; look for properties. Give people what they want and design a property search button that just calls out to be clicked.'

Troy Stanley continues, 'This data points to a consistency in design but it still gives designers a range of tools to play with to create stunning websites. Whereas the design will help users along the journey towards contacting you, design will increase the 'stickiness' of a website. This 'stickiness' ensures that users repeatedly return again and again."

'Mix that with industry-leading functionality and your website will be a digital weapon in the war of estate agency. Such embedded features include Google Maps, high resolution photos in the latest viewer technology, Google Street View, Email alerts and many more.' - Troy Stanley

No one takes web design more seriously than Resource Techniques. Contact us for visually wonderful websites, futuristic features and dangerous data that all contribute towards a weapon of mass consumption - your customers will not know what hit them!

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