A quick page focus history lesson for estate agents

| Web design

Originally there were only 3 pages that customers focused on when accessing property websites. These were; Home Page, Listings Page and a detailed property page. Now technology has moved on and users require that little bit extra from online estate agents.

Firstly the Search Results Page was added. Although this does not seem like a big change now, it has changed the long page of listings to a narrowed property search on the user's preferences. In fact it has been integrated so much into our daily use that we now take it for granted. Shockingly there are still some property websites that still do not have a search feature!

Technology has now moved on. Users are becoming increasingly snobby about property websites that they access and the property websites that only have basic functionality will be looked down upon. This is because users are becoming increasingly experienced with property websites. Estate agents that let their website stagnate could be losing out on a lot potential business.

Users now have the option to either use the traditional method of search design or use a more interactive map that has every house plotted on a map with local amenities. This interactivity seems to be the next step in online property. People are able to see exactly where on the map their potential house and also see what restaurants to go out to or even plot their childs route to school.

This means that as an estate agent, you also need to require more from your website. Do not put up with a second grade website that has terrible SEO and has features that the next generation will look down upon. Contact Resource techniques on 0208 457 4777 for a free web review.