A New Year’s Resolution for Estate Agents

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A New Year’s Resolution for Estate Agents


There are a few Estate Agents that took up social networking last year with the best of intentions. Social networking was new and exciting, a real jungle adventure for the modern Estate Agent.

As the weeks turned into months, regular visiting and contributions dwindled from a burning bush to a car cigarette lighter. Your passion and heart was there, but the response wasn’t quite what you were expecting.

So what exactly were you expecting? Were you expecting a radical change in the way you do business? Were you expecting fan, follow or whatever online number to rocket beyond your control and shove you into the social media limelight?

Clearly extreme, but many of you will now have realised that I’m starting to paint a picture of unbridled hope dashed by reality’s sober touch.

In reality, success comes with consistently posting fresh content that adds value to your followers whilst having personality, two way conversations and arguably most importantly fun – yes fun.

There it is – your new year’s resolution is not only to get back on the social media horse, but to have fun with it. Buck-off any fear and gallop through golden fields of uncharted territory because when you’re having fun, it shows.

James Coyne – eMarketing and Social Media Consultant