A New Website that helps you find your ideal roommates

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A New Website that helps you find your ideal roommates


Looking for a new flatmate? Faceroom.co.uk is a new website that takes a more personal approach to finding you the perfect roommate. 

The website provides a free service that helps users find exactly what they are looking for, whether it is a spare room, flat or living space, ensuring that the property suits your expectations and budget. The site can also be used to sort out short stay accommodations as well as long term rentals.

Faceroom can identify the sort of accommodation you are looking for with its clever search engine which allows users to conduct two different searches. They give you the option to search for the best places that match your preferences and allow you to see profiles of those already interested in the house share, allowing you to engage with likeminded potential roommates. You can also form a group with other compatible users. This way you are able to search together for properties in your chosen area and budget range.  

The website is available in five different languages making it ideal for travellers and students who are seeking accommodation.

They also send out regular email updates from potential roommates interested in sharing a flat with you. 

The concept of this website is very original, mixing social search with the property market. This could in fact be the future for services like Student accommodation and general house sharing as it lets the seekers find likeminded roommates.

The site is only covering London at the moment but the company has hopes of expanding to other major cities in the near future.