A new app for forgetful Chartered Surveyors

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A new app for forgetful Chartered Surveyors

Have you ever been to an appointment in an unfamiliar town and had trouble remembering where you left your car? Been late for a valuation, parked your car in the multi-storey and neglected to take note which floor you parked on? Or flown back to the UK tired and emotional and unable to locate the car in the airport car park on floors that all look the same?

Well if you have, a new App called Find My Car Smarter could put an end to such frustration.

This kind of App is not new; in fact there are several available, yet none as user friendly and clever as this. Where other Apps require you to log your location before you leave your vehicle, Find My Car Smarter works automatically. Frankly, when you park it, you do know that you’re going to loose it later. And having to log your location is no help when you are in a hurry.

If you can’t remember where the car is, the App will plot its location on a map, showing you how far away you are. It can tell you how long you have parked in that location and it’s also possible to setup automatic notification to ensure you don’t get a ticket

You can also synch a location via Dropbox for communal use. If you’ve been out for a boozy lunch (remember those!!), in no fit state to drive and not only forgotten where the car is, but where you are, other key holders who can use the App to find and pickup the car.

The App uses a new type of technology called Bluetooth smart and at present is only available for commercial agents and chartered surveyors who have an iPhone 4S.

The App is only 69p, but all this magic doesn’t happen with the App alone. In addition you will need the Find My Car Smarter device, which plugs into your vehicles cigarette lighter, purchased directly for an additional £15 - £20.

It is this device that recognizes when the vehicles engine has been tuned off and activates the GPS on your phone just long enough to save the location automatically. This device will then guide your phone back to the car.

Philip Burrows Marketing Consultant