A Great Opportunity for Chartered Surveyors

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A Great Opportunity for Chartered Surveyors

Last week saw the enormously popular Marketing Week Live event at Olympia, in London. This huge two-day event attracts thousands of forward thinking marketeers with over a 100 seminars on a diverse range of subjects. Speakers are drawn from some of the world’s biggest brands and leading thinkers in marketing and digital communication.

What’s it go to do with commercial property?

“Well that’s peachy”, I hear you cry, “but what use is that to a Chartered Surveyor or Commercial Agent?” Well of all the seminars available to the keen delegate, by far the most well attended were those focusing on three key areas; SEO, Mobile and Apps.

Now this is an extremely well informed and dynamic audience of marketing professionals that work for big brands who have their finger on the pulse. What they do today, many of you in the commercial property sector will follow in years to come. It was therefore extremely interesting to see the huge level of importance that these delegates were putting on these areas of SEO, Mobile and Apps.

Are you a mobile chartered surveyor?

We’ve talked about SEO for Chartered Surveyors and Commercial Agents (and we’ll talk some more in weeks to come) but it is Mobile, in particular that is changing the way in which your prospective property client is using technology.  

The growth of Smart phones is huge. Apple now has over 5 million handsets in the UK (In fact it is probably more since I scribbled that figure down last week). For Android, the figures are even more stunning, with 500k activations per month. But for you, dear Chartered Surveyor, it’s worth considering that the iPhone user is, on average wealthy and male (perhaps the profile of your property client?).

An increasing amount of property professionals are already accessing your website by mobile phone. We already know that 12% of traffic to an Estate Agent website is via a mobile phone. In fact it is probably more now, because that figure was 3 months ago and things really are moving that quickly now and in less than 2 years it is predicted that Mobile will surpass desktop computers as the most popular method of accessing the Internet.

Even the most conservative and apathetic Chartered Surveyor must recognised that in the fast moving world of Commercial Property, the client is increasingly going to be accessing their website via the web.

Your old website just won’t do!

This is where we return to the mantra of “3 seconds to impress”, because your standard website, however impressive viewed on a PC, will not satisfy the needs of the mobile viewer. The answer is a Mobile friendly version of your present website, designed specifically to respond to the very different behaviour of the mobile visitor.

Growth in organisations having an additional Mobile friendly website has been huge. In 2008 there were 150,000 Mobile sites, in 2011 that had risen to 3,000,000!

What does this mean for the Chartered Surveyor? Well a great opportunity, because your sector is only surpassed by accountancy and the legal professional in its antiquated marketing and online practices. Commercial agents that embrace this opportunity will stand out from the crowd - important in a sector where differential is so hard to define.

By Philip Burrows, Marketing Consultant