80s Retro iPhone case

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80s Retro iPhone case


Estate Agents, unless you want to continue to pay excess charges on your mobile phone insurance, your iPhone will definitely need a protective case. Some opt for the flimsy rubber cover whilst others go for the bulky hard case – each with varying patterns and colours.

Then again, there’s nothing like embracing the retro look.

The retro look is so good that some people want Tron inspired lamps and even some bars and clubs have completely designed their brand around the infamous era.

Why should your digital Swiss Army Knife in your pocket feel left out? Why not try the new Retro 80s iPhone Case by ThumbsUp!

Costing £12.99 the case is lightweight at just under 12 grams it is only a small addition to your iPhone with 137 or 135 grams. Maybe Dom Jolly will do a new series where he uses a novelty iPad with a 80s iPhone case.

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