80% of Google’s search engine results pages change daily

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80% of Google’s search engine results pages change daily


When it comes to SEO, the majority of companies don’t take into consideration the bigger picture of online marketing and simply focus all their attention to hitting that top spot on Google for their chosen keyword.

If their keywords are going up the rankings then there isn’t a problem but as soon as they notice it slip a position or two all hell breaks loose.

What people don’t realise is that rankings tend to fluctuate a few positions up and down the search results. These fluctuations usually last a few days to a week.  

These sorts of fluctuations are common in the SEO world but surprisingly a recent study has shown that on average 80% of search engine results pages change on a daily basis.

Most of these changes were small (around 1 or 2 positions) but it does show us just how dynamic the rankings really are.

Google announced 34 separate Panda and Penguin updates alone in 2012, not including the other algorithm factors so it’s no surprise the rankings are frequently changing.

SEO is a very competitive industry, with everyone fighting for the top spots in Google. Estate Agents work on their websites daily constantly making changes and keeping them up-to-date by uploading fresh content and new properties. So no wonder Google are constantly repositioning rankings on a daily basis.

Because of this you are unable to accurately review your positions over a short amount of time but instead will have to measure the average position trends over a long period of time allowing you to correctly identify the current position of the website and how it has improved.