8 Signs that you are becoming an Estate Agent web design geek

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8 Signs that you are becoming an Estate Agent web design geek

Estate Agents, there are many traits that show that you are becoming a web design geek. One day you've got rosy cheeks and a healthy tan, next you're shopping for thick 2-inches glasses on e-bay at 3 in the morning.

Have you got a burning desire not to stay clear of being an Estate Agent web design geek? These are the most common signs that you're on the slippery slope to joining the designers here at Resource Techniques:

  • Keyboard Crumbs - Not always a sign that you're a geek but certainly that you're spending too many lunch times at your computer.
  • Four fingered shortcuts - No need to explain this one.
  • Straight edge - Do you have the ability to see something is minutely off-line? It's time to get in-line with the rest of us.
  • Two (or more) computer screens - You know you're a web geek when one screen is never enough.
  • You can type faster than you speak - One step more and you'll start thinking of words quicker than you can say them out loud.
  • More email addresses than shoes - Not good.
  • Friends and family come to you for technical support - You either know someone or you are that someone that people go to.
  • Your best work is produced when everyone else is asleep - Cans of Redbull and a dependency on tea/coffee may have something to do with this.

CTO of Resource Techniques comments, ‘Estate Agents, do you have any other geeky tendencies that you have noticed? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.