8 interesting stats about web design and optimisation

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8 interesting stats about web design and optimisation

When it comes to your website you can understand the importance of how it looks and how easy it is to use. Although looks aren’t everything when it comes to web design, people generally are visually driven meaning you’ve only got around 3 seconds to make a lasting impression to your potential customers.

If your website doesn’t perform well for the user such as taking ages to load or simply not working, it will reflect poorly on your business and could lose you a lot of potential customers.

Here are 8 stats to show you the importance of good web design and a well optimised site:

  • 87% of marketers say their website is their most important digital marketing strategy.


  • 69% of marketers say dynamic and personalised content is important for their website. And shockingly 5% say content is of low importance to their site.


  • 78% of online users state that the company they were using was extremely or quite committed to delivering the best online user experience possible.


  • 62% of companies that designed a website specifically for mobile had increased sales.
  • 46% of users have difficulty using a web page via a mobile device, and 44% complain that the main problem was the navigation was difficult to use.
  • 48% of users say that when they land on a business’s website via a mobile, if the website isn’t working well then they take it as an indication of the company just not caring.


  • 40% of people will leave a website straight away if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • On average a bounce rate will be 100% if your website takes 4 seconds or more to load. 

Troy Stanley