8 Common SEO mistakes

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8 Common SEO mistakes


Search Engine optimisation or SEO is important for every part of the estate agent website design. It moves the position of the website up the natural listings (rather than the websites that are advertised) and provides targeted property searchers whilst not costing an arm and a leg. The internet is full of SEO consultants telling estate agents how to improve their SEO but there are also many common mistakes that are repeated again and again. Troy Stanley, CTO of Resource Techniques, has provided estate agents a list of common SEO mistakes that greatly punish the estate agent's move to the top of search engines.

Over optimisation - Search engines want to show the best estate agent websites in their results so that users searching for estate agent websites will continue to use the same search engine. Websites that do not have relevant content for property searchers or a website that has sacrificed usability and user experience for SEO will be flagged by search engines.

Integrate into website design - Website designers also need to know the intricacies of SEO so that the web design can also help towards the website SEO as a whole. Resource Techniques has previously reviewed a website with no Meta tags and the estate agent was using 'tables' (which is an outdated way of constructing a website).

Websites completely in flash - Flash is a useful tool. It is pretty and website designers are able to create interfaces that users love. One major downfall is that website's completely in flash are bad for SEO. Flash is useful but it should be used in conjunction with other elements. Check out our visually impressive animations.

Duplicate content pages - Search engines dislike duplicate content. Avoid at all costs.

Too little content - Search engines love content. Estate agents that have little information about the company and then have all their properties on a property portal will suffer. Estate agents that include local news relevant to the property industry will watch their website shoot up Google.

Keywords - There are two mistakes here. Many websites either use one word keywords or is stuffed with too many keywords. One word keywords are not reflective of what users put into search engines to search for estate agents. Whereas keyword spamming was identified a long time ago by search engines and estate agents still suffer from keyword crazed SEO consultants to this day.

Starting early - Estate agents need to establish their website as early as possible as search engines trust websites that look like they're going to stay around for a long time. SEO that is properly done takes time. Do not trust SEO consultants that will guarantee immediate results.

Poor grammar and spelling - This is an obvious mistake but it still happens today.

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