7 Elements For The Perfect Landing Page

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7 Elements For The Perfect Landing Page


What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page that drives targeted traffic to convey a message with a specific action in mind.

The landing page is the first point of contact you will have with your online users. These pages are vital to the success of your website as they are usually what converts traffic into leads.

Here is what should be included in a landing page:

1) A powerful headline

The headline needs to grab the user’s attention and lure them in to read more. The headline should be relevant and support the content in order to achieve high conversion rates.

2) Get to the point  

The content needs to be relevant to the headline, outline the benefits and address common objections.

Keep the content short and sweet, you can delve deeper with more details later after people have committed to the action. There is a lot of debate whether your content should be short or long but it is crucial to get your point across clearly, keeping the message above the fold.

3) Use a clear call to action

Don’t beat around the bush, a call to action needs to be direct, compelling and rewarding for people to do. Whatever the action is you want the user to complete, ensure you liven it up with actionable words.

4) Optimise the page for fast loading

Website speed isn’t only a factor for SEO purposes but it also has an impact on the people who visit your website. If a page takes too long to load then you are likely to lose your audience.

5) Optimise the page for mobile

These days, people are using mobile more than ever before. On average 40% of an estate agents traffic comes from a mobile device so always test your pages to ensure they are usable on a mobile device.

6) Measure your results

It is crucial you measure how people interact with your web pages. Google Analytics offers many tools to help you track usage. It is simple to see where people landed on your website and where they went from there by using the User Flow within Google Analytics. You also have the option of setting up goal tracking as well.

7) Keep it simple

It is very tempting to cover every point, answer every question and concern your audience might have, however your landing page needs to be simple, clear, easy on the eye and quick to take in. Don’t overload the user with too much information! 

Luke Stanley