7 Best SEO articles for Estate Agents

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7 Best SEO articles for Estate Agents

SEO is a funny subject, many (if not all) will deem it neither interesting nor funny but it is a necessity for your Estate Agent website. Without pre-selected SEO terms your website will have a clear lack of SEO direction and will be unlikely to make any real gains on any truly valuable terms.

Estate Agents, do you feel that your SEO is not up to scratch and is just something that your website design company does (or doesn’t do in some cases!)

We have then prepared the 7 best SEO articles for Estate Agents so that you can spruce up your knowledge.

Why articles are perfect for SEO

Why fixed fees can be bad news

Beware the SEO scammers

Could SEO save your business?

Start with the long tail

“How long will it take to get onto page one of Google?”

The importance of SEO for Estate Agents

Why is SEO so confusing when it seems such a simple task?

Estate Agents if you would like some more information on SEO, feel free to speak to our SEO consultant Luke Stanley.