6 unconsidered Facebook actions

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6 unconsidered Facebook actions


Here at Resource Techniques we release plenty of articles on twitter such as ‘Basics of social media engagement’, ‘twittering after a tipple’ and ‘make your twitter account more secure’ to encourage Estate Agents to join twitter, but Facebook is a social network that cannot be ignored.

Facebook is undeniably the most popular social network in the UK. It accounts for 12.46% of all online traffic and 50% of the population have signed up to the website.

Many Estate Agents have set up paged and although they can now upgrade their page so that they can use Facebook as the page, many Estate Agent Facebook pages continue to gather digital dust and sit in the abyss of the internet.

If you are experiencing Social Media burnout, here are 6 ways that you may have missed and will help rejuvenate your social media activities.

  • Make an area fan page

The hardest thing an Estate Agent has create is a sense of community on their Facebook page. Fortunately they come from villages, towns and cities already with this sense of community. People will naturally flock towards the page, showing their friends that they ‘like’ their town. It is then up to the Estate Agent subtly sponsor the page and continue to actively upload local news, events and photos.

  • Create an advert

Similar to a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign on search engines, Estate Agents can pay for adverts within Facebook to promote their Fan Page. These adverts can then be extensively targeted to a particular area, age, likes and interests. A great idea if your Estate Agent fan page is struggling with a limited number of ‘likes’.

  • Facebook Marketplace

Not the most utilised feature, Marketplace allows Estate Agents to market their properties under the category ‘Real Estate’ or ‘Rentals’. The Facebook page then shows a mini-property portal where users can filter and search by area location. Each property includes pictures, description, floorplans and contact details directly to the agent.

  • Videos

Text is boring. Text doesn’t move, make sound or jump out at you from the screen. Stats from the start of this year have shown that online video usage is up 45%. Estate Agents, embrace your creative side and start shooting videos of anything property related. Remember that the more original you are, the more people will like it.

  • Discussions

Discussions are one of the most underused implements in the Estate Agent’s Facebook toolbox. Discussions give you a chance to openly talk about certain issues in the national and local property industry. Not only is it a chance to open up questions to the ‘floor’ but Estate Agents can get feedback directly from their Facebook fans.

  • Interact with other pages

With the new Facebook page upgrade, Estate Agents can use Facebook as if they are their fan page. This means that, acting as your Facebook page, you can leave comments on other Fan pages. This social media engagement means that the likes and traffic will increase as more people that are aware of your page. It is then up to the Estate Agent to create a page in which people will want to comment, like and interact on.

James Coyne eMarketing and Social Media Consultant