6 Tips for keeping your laptop Healthy

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6 Tips for keeping your laptop Healthy

For many Estate Agents your laptop is crucial for your day to day doings from checking emails to socialising with friends but how can you keep your laptop happy and healthy with the constant usage?

  1. Clean it up – this works for both laptop and desktop, giving it a thorough cleaning will extend its life. Back up all your important data on an external hard drive or portable flash drive, empty your trash and clear out any programs you don’t use as well as removing unused desktop icons. This will free up more space allowing your laptop to work faster. 
  2. Shut down properly – before shutting down remember to close all open programs. Don’t just close the lid, shutting your laptop down will help it stay cool.
  3. Protect it – laptops are meant to be transported but ensure you keep it safe in a padded case.
  4. Avoid spills – liquids aren’t your computers friend. If your laptop comes into contact with water be sure to dry it immediately. If you do have a spillage take out the battery, dry it off as much as possible and give it time to dry off completely before trying to reboot it.
  5. Keep it cool – it’s not just liquid your laptop hates, heat and cold are also its enemy. Both hot and cold temperatures will suck out the battery life as well as cause damage to the internal parts. Also ensure your laptop can always breath, keep the fan unblocked which will allow it to cool down.
  6. Use the right cleaning products – you can’t just use any old household cleaner to polish off your laptop. Avoid using any household cleaners as they may strip off the LCD’s protective coating


Use a soft cloth to wipe down the screen and keyboard, avoid using anything that could scratch the screen like towels.

Follow these 6 tips and your laptop should stay healthy and happy for a long time.