6 solid ways to make your Estate Agent website sticky

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6 solid ways to make your Estate Agent website sticky

Not only can websites bounce, but they can also be sticky. The stickier your Estate Agent website, the more that people will become ‘glued’ to your website and repeatedly return – something every website owner wants.

  • Active
  • People, and search engines, love new information or ‘content’. It is obvious if an Estate Agent’s website has been left for months or even years. Estate Agents need to keep their website update as possible to ensure this.
    Estate Agents can guarantee this by updating their news section with local news, changing their featured properties and engaging in social networks – show everyone that you’re

  • Interactive
  • Interactivity increases stickiness because people like to become involved. Take Facebook for example, it is by far the most popular social network in the world and all content on the website is generated by the user and their friends and family.
    Estate Agent website can be laden with interactive features. One such feature provided by Estate Agents is enhanced Google Maps that show local amenities such as vets, doctors, restaurants, pubs, local transport and many more.

  • Hub of information
  • Not only do people like to see fresh and interactive websites, links to other useful websites really help property searchers get a feel for the local area. They then treat the Estate Agent’s website as more of a resource than just a page that holds properties for sale and for rent.

  • Futuristic Estate Agent
  • The most tech savvy internet user absolutely loves to see, and use, the latest features and technology. Not only does it give them a sense that the Estate Agent is ‘with it’ but these features are created for a reason – to enhance the user’s online experience. Feeling like your website is lacking behind? Maybe it’s time to update.

  • Smart Phones
  • Mobile use is on the rise – there’s no denying that. People are using it in supermarkets, on busses, in queues or even waiting for a friend to arrive. During this time they very easily could search for property and find that ‘dream home’. Estate Agents, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, it is time to upgrade.

  • Moving Pictures
  • Video is easily another function of an Estate Agent’s modern website that increases stickiness. People love to watch video, as long as it is interesting, relevant and entertaining. Estate Agents can upload anything they want, again as long as it local and relevant to the industry that they are in. Creativity and originality will certainly gain Estate Agents points when recording video.

, Resource Techniques CTO, ‘Every single point in this article is very easily attainable by any Estate Agent. It is time to become a modern Estate Agent.