5 web design trends to look out for

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5 web design trends to look out for

The more attractive, unique and creative your website is, the more impact it has on your audience. Fact!

You probably spend months planning and discussing the redesigning of your website but many design elements don’t necessarily change too much, however some trends do. What once worked now looks dated, so you need to adapt to the times.

Here are the latest trends that will leave a huge impact on your audience:

1. Semi-flat design

Flat design was big in 2013 to 2014, which was led in by Apple and Microsoft, however this quickly evolved into semi-flat (flat ish) design, where you combine real world enhancements with flat elements, which was bought in by Google’s Material design. This is something we are likely to see more of in the future.

2. Rich content storytelling

Storytelling within web design has been around for a few years now but many are only just releasing its true potential. The idea behind storytelling within web design has grown over the last few years and has now allowed websites to become a more visually pleasing, intimate, emotion evoking and convergent platforms.

3. New fonts and typography

New tools have allowed web designers to incorporate better fonts and typography into your web pages. This allows you to make stronger statements and use more unique fonts, which will soon become the standard for fonts and typography.

4. Big, bold, and beautiful images

This isn’t necessarily new but its popularity within web design will only increase. This has become more popular with the huge stock imagery sites offering unique images as well as broadband speeds becoming faster, allowing for high quality images to grab people’s attention without sacrificing the user experience. As humans we are very visual creatures who love big, bold and beautiful images so take advantage of that.

5. Background video

Again with broadband speeds continuing to get faster and faster, it gives web designers the chance to use videos without affecting the user experience. You will start to see more and more background videos as they can truly show off your business. Videos that subtly sink into the background and don’t get in the way of the content or message will become more popular with time. 

Luke Stanley